Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sticktuitiveness - the ability to stick with a situation that seems to go nowhere, only to have a positive outcome decades later.

Sticktuitiveness - stick-tu-it-tive-ness - the ability to stick with a situation that seems to go nowhere only to have a positive outcome decades later. Requires patience on a methodical level, hope on an impossible level, and drive on an all in or bust level.

I have sticktuitiveness. Many members of my family give up on trying to make me give up. I have friends that after many years have told me it's never going to happen, save yourself the heartache, then they leave me because my sticktuitiveness bothers them.

My patience has been diagnosed as methodical and since I do not get upset, frustrated, or mad easily, sticktuitiveness has been a label I am happy to wear. I would rather wait decades for something and not get it than to move on to something else. 

As an avid reader I have a hard time when it comes to books. I am not picky but I cannot-not finish a book. It may take me years to read through a horribly written novel but I will finish it. I will not let things go. I give up on no one. 

As a writer this has been my motto. God is my saving grace and hope. My sticktuitiveness is my disease that prevents me from breaking down and throwing my laptop into the Ohio River. 

All that being said, I offer hope to you all. I am going to be building my blog slowly and steadily. I want to do it right. I want a place where authors can have a good time and not feel the need to be stuffy and proper. This is an attic after all. I will be sticking by you whether or not you stick by me and either way I'll be happy. 

If you want to come and hang out let me know and I'll yank the sheets off the ole rocking chair. Once a month I'll have a party and you're invited to that too. Send me a message, IM, text, pigeon air mail and I'll open my vent to sneak you in.

Atthalia Eve Spikenard -- Atty