Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well not much response on my last post but that's okay. You all can see what the incentives are when my Kickstarter campaign starts up. Until then, I am getting closer. I changed the release date to October 15th. 
It's a killer thriller so a coming out date right before Halloween seems appropriate. Also just to let you all know there will be parts of my series that will make you uncomfortable. I will not apologize, it's what's intended. I can honestly say I've been warning those whom I don't think can handle it, not to read my book.

I do hope it stirs up controversy. Some issues need to be addressed, which brings me to my next point. Without giving up too much information about the series I want to introduce you all to a cause I support and want to push along.

This group is called Shared Hope International and their mission is to Eradicate Sex Trafficking. 
Please stop by their site and give them a few moments of your time.

Atty Eve